How We Can Help

Our insights and guidance will help our clients to better understand market dynamics and addresses the many challenges they face.

Corporate Financial Planning

For a small business owner, corporate financial planning can be a scary prospect in a volatile economy. How do you go about achieving your long-term financial goals in a financial environment that is constantly changing? The solution is easier than you think. You need an accounting firm that can help you set realistic goals, and tailor a plan that fits you perfectly.

Our Services Include

Succession Planning - Whether you are passing the reins of your business to a trusted family member or selling outright, it's important to have a succession plan in place. A well designed succession plan will help smooth out the process of transferring a business from one owner to another. We will explain the whole process to you and help design a plan that fits.

Wealth Management - With good financial planning comes success. As your income increases, you will need a wealth management plan to preserve and protect your accumulated wealth. We'll show you how to reduce your taxes as much as possible, maximize your investment returns and minimize risk.

Individual Pension Plans - After years of dedication, retirement is an exciting prospect, but you must start planning early. Let us show you how you could be saving as much as 65% more money with an Individual Pension Plan than you would with a RRSP.

Retirement Compensation Arrangements - We can help you set up a corporately funded private pension plan. An RCA enhances retirement income, and is paid for with tax deductible contributions.

Financial Forecasts - Let us help you see what your company's financial future could look like. Financial forecasting is a powerful tool that will help you plan your strategy in building for the future.

Cash Flow Management - By monitoring cash flow and performing regular cash flow analysis, we are able to help you stop cash flow problems before they happen. We'll also make sure you have a good long-term strategy to maintain adequate cash flow, so you never experience extended cash shortages.