How We Can Help

Our ability to achieve high quality services is based on our teams strong understanding of the business processes, accounting policies, internal controls and financial reporting issues specific to each of our clients and their respective industries and sectors.

Succession Planning

You have put an entire lifetime into your business and you're ready to retire, but there's still an important task to be done. You've planned and executed the success of your empire, but you still need to assemble an exit strategy.

You've invested much more than time and money in your business. The sentimental value alone will make it difficult for you to objectively build your succession plan. Whether you're leaving your business to a trusted family member or selling it outright, it will take careful planning to ensure a fair deal, and your future financial security.

When it's time to close up shop, we'll help you get the most out of your business and your retirement.

Our Services Include

Business Valuation: We'll determine the real value of your business and help you through the sale or transfer, ensuring that you reap the full rewards of your years of hard work.

Family Trusts: We are always up to date with the latest changes in Canadian tax laws. We'll help you set up your family trust and show you how you can minimize capital gains tax liability.

Tax Planning and Compliance: Even into your retirement you'll need a sound financial, tax and investment plan to ensure that your income doesn't run out. Let us help you plan the retirement you've always dreamed of.