How We Can Help

Connelly & Koshy professionals examine your personal situation, financial resources and individual objectives in a comprehensive manner to develop a plan that utilize your resources to meet these objectives.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process which Connelly & Koshy guides their clients through in order to meet a clients ultimate financial goal. Our team will use their years of knowledge and specialized tools to develop a financial plan tailored specifically to you.

Our Services Include

Debt, bankruptcy and insolvency: Our advisors will help you in cases where money is owed and navigate the rules around what to do when you cannot pay back your lenders.

Planning for divorce: Not all things last forever, if your union is no longer working and divorce is the only solution Connelly & Koshy can help with the preparation of asset allocation.

Mortgages: A general part of life these long term loans leave you with a major asset once complete. Let our team of experts advise you on how to maximize your borrowing and repayment power.

RRSP, RESP, RDSP: Registered plans are a great way to save for you and your family's future. We help in the planning of the "how much" and "how long" so in the end you leveraged every dollar.

Retirement planning: Work hard now to enjoy time later and let a properly developed financial plan be your foundation to making your dreams come true. Our team of professionals will help you assess your current situation and establish a framework to make your goals reachable.