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Tax Scammers Are Getting More Creative

Published on November 13, 2019

Scams related to income tax, designed to create fear and then ultimately to extract payments (and confidential information) from Canadian taxpayers, continue to become both more frequent and more cunning.

Last month, Canadian news media again reported how scammers often employ caller ID spoofing to make it appear that calls are in fact originating from offices belonging to police forces, the Canada Revenue Agency, etc.

Today, a client of this firm described a new twist to a common tax scam. Specifically, that client was told that their accountant had made a mistake on a recent tax filing, that additional taxes were owing and must be paid immediately, and that their accountant had also been contacted and had agreed that they would reimburse the taxpayer. Thankfully the client maintained a cool head, realized this sounded suspicious, and contacted our office.

These scams are often successful. To that end, the CRA strives to educate taxpayers about the various types of scams, and how to identify and avoid them. The CRA’s information should be reviewed by everyone (see the link below), so that if confronted with a scammer, a taxpayer will know what steps to take.

Additional information provided by the government of Canada, describing how to recognize and deal with tax scams, is also available here:

If you ever encounter a situation such as those described at the above links, whether through a phone call, email, text message, or a person at your door, then please remember not to take any immediate action. Instead, you should request contact information, tell the potential scammer that you will call them back, and then hang up and either (a) contact the CRA directly (using a telephone number listed on the CRA website) or (b) contact our office.

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