How We Can Help

At Connelly & Koshy, our approach to delivering audit services, whether a financial statement audit, or other attestation service is always risk based industry specific and tailored to our clients particular operational structure.


When it comes to operating as a lean organization where every dollar has to make a difference Connelly & Koshy can help you account for each of those dollars.

Our professionals don't just fill in a bunch of forms but become your on-demand accounting team who are able to provide you with consultation, advice and make sense of how money is flowing in and out of your organization.

Our Services Include

Audited Statement Presentation: Review of your organizations financial statements to assess accuracy and accountability.

Consulting: Specially formulated services for Not-for-profits to ensure a reliable source of information.

Tax Compliance: Rules and regulations may not be something most Not-for-profits know about or have time to explore so our experts help out by providing guidance which could impact your organization.

Budget Preparation and Planning: With tools and resources at our disposal we help Not-for-profits with their distinctive financial challenges. We help establish a financial roadmap and help keep your organization on the financially responsible path.