How We Can Help

Connelly & Koshy tax professionals understand this changing environment.  We use our real world experience and technical knowledge to provide advice and ideas on complex issues.


Almost all decisions your business makes has tax implications. With complex provincial, federal and international legislation you need someone who can assess your current tax situation and help you develop strategies to reduce your tax and organizational burdens. You need a Chartered Accountant.

Our team of tax experts will ensure that your business stays in line with filing requirements, maximizes government incentives and programs, and develops forward looking tax strategies. Our Chartered Accountants will help your business keep more of its funds where they belong…in your business.

Our Services Include

Corporate tax filing: Our team will assess your tax position and handle the multitude of filings required for your business. We let your business pile the paperwork up on our desks so that you can focus on what matters most, your business.

SR&ED:  Has your business developed new processes, products or materials? Your business could qualify for the SR&ED tax credit, and our experts know the ins and outs of the technical documentation and parameters of what’s required to qualify.

Tax planning and compliance: Corporate taxes are something that a business can’t afford to think about only at tax time. Businesses need to be proactive in their tax planning and our Chartered Accountants will develop a comprehensive tax plan that ensures your business pays no more tax than it needs to and incorporates any future tax liabilities into your cash flow plan.

T4/T5/Payroll Services: Our team covers all of your payroll tax filing needs from T4s to contractor statements, as well as a comprehensive range of payroll services.

GST/HST Preparation and filing: If your business buys and sells goods and services then you need to be on top of changing sales tax regulations, filing requirements and the implications for your business. We take care of filing statutory returns, collecting refunds owed and meeting strictly enforced filing deadlines.

Purchase and sale of a business: Whether you’re selling a business or looking to expand there are serious tax implications that you can’t afford to overlook. Our Chartered Accountants will develop a tax plan to ensure that all sales and acquisitions meet regulatory requirements while minimizing the tax implications.