How We Can Help

Connelly & Koshy tax professionals understand this changing environment.  We use our real world experience and technical knowledge to provide advice and ideas on complex issues.

CRA Audits, Objections and Appeals to Tax Court of Canada

Unless they’re a relative and their coming home for the holidays nobody wants a CRA auditor knocking on their door. When this happens though do you know your rights and obligations? Our Chartered Accountants do.

We’re your go to defence team and work on your behalf to handle all dealings with the CRA and to interpret what comes your way whether you’re being audited or simply having your return reassessed.  While you may not be a tax expert, we are, and having our Chartered Accountants in your corner will give you the peace of mind of knowing that your rights are being protected and that you don’t have to jump into the middle of the fight.

Our Services Include

CRA Audits: Our team of tax specialists can review you returns for any potential problems, give you expert advice on your position, defend your return by attending audits on your behalf and handle all correspondence with the CRA.

CRA Objections: You’ve been audited and you don’t agree with the results, now what? We handle filing an objection on your behalf and make sure that all applicable deadlines are met.

Appeals to the Tax Court of Canada: Our team of tax professionals has the experience and expertise to help you through a situation that can be extremely exhausting and overwhelming. If your case requires further argument we manage preparing the documentation and defence of your return to the Tax Court of Canada. We’ve got your back so that you can get back to your life.

Review of notice of (re)assessments: Not too sure what those notices of assessment or reassessment mean? Our experts are here to help you understand and interpret these CRA letters so that you know where you stand and know what the tax implications are.