How We Can Help

Connelly & Koshy tax professionals understand this changing environment.  We use our real world experience and technical knowledge to provide advice and ideas on complex issues.


Does the mere mention of taxes give you the shivers? Does muddling through filing your returns, keeping track of ever changing rules and regulations, or planning for the future make you want to pull your hair out? You need help; you need a Chartered Accountant.

Our team of tax professionals handle preparing and filing your tax returns, meeting regulatory and filing requirements and making sure you aren’t paying more tax than you need to so that you can keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket, and your hair on your head.

Our Services Include

Personal tax filing: Our team of experts assess your tax position and complete and file all required returns to determine if you have any balances owing or better yet a refund coming your way. Haven’t filed your taxes in a while and don’t know where to start? Start with us and we’ll help you get back on track.

Business/Rental statement preparation:  The deductions and filing requirements for your business are varied and complex. Our team will determine what your business can claim and what it can’t and prepare and file all of the required returns to meet regulatory requirements and filing deadlines.

Personal tax planning: Taxes aren’t something that you should think about once a year. Many of the decisions that you make in life whether it’s selling a home, gifting assets, or starting a business have serious tax implications that need to be considered. Our professionals will work with you to strategize a plan that ensures that you can do what you need to in your life while minimizing the taxes you have to pay along the way.

Farming statement preparation: There are very specific rules and regulations that apply to farming income and properties, from how your income is determined to the losses you are permitted to carry over. Our highly proficient team of experts will help you navigate this complex landscape so that you can focus on your land.

Tax compliance: Rules, regulations, interpretations, filing deadlines, legislation…they seem to always be in a state of flux. Our Chartered Accountants are experts in all aspects of taxation, keeping you compliant.

Death of a taxpayer: The last thing you want to have to deal with when losing a loved is taxes. Our professional experts handle all of the aspects of the passing of a taxpayer from death benefits, deemed dispositions to filing the final return.

Retirement planning: You’ve worked hard so let us work hard for you. Our Chartered Accountants help you manage the tax implications of your retirement savings, allowances, required returns and what you’ll need to know and do to keep your hard earned dollars in your pocket.